This Blasted Land

All information is suject to change pending the release of Dark Sun

The history of Athas can be traced to a cataclysm that tore the world asunder. An even of such magnitude that it dried up the oceans and ended millions of lives, forever changing the face of the world.

Things you should know… The catalysm that destroyed the world had several effects upon the land, indeed, upon the very fabric of reality. The gods left this world. No one knows why, but there are many theories, some that give one pause, others that border on the absurd. Some claim they left in disguest after the destruction of the world, some claim they were overthrow by the forces of devilkind. Others said Orcus lead the largest force of demons ever assembled into the planes above and destroyed the gods, while others claim it was forces from the far realm.

Whatever the cause, the prayers of powerful priests, ceased to be answered. Divine power was gone, and all was quiet in the heavens.

The departure of the gods had far reaching effects upon their servants…the angels. Whether they served gods of light or gods of darkness, the angels were now on thier own. Left to thier own devices, some attempted to carry out thier duties as always claiming the gods would return and that they were being tested, while others left to search for thier patron dieties. Still others moved to fill the void left by thier patrons in attempt to become gods themselves. Much squabbling and conflict arose among the angels and they agrued among themselves about thier next course of action.

Soon, however, the angles had to turn thier attention to a knew threat, one that gathered in force against them, both angels of law and chaos, good and evil alike.

Devils, fallen angels themselves, bitter and vengful after being cast from the face of thier patrons longs ago, devilkind lauched an assault upon the reeling and disorganized angels. These conflicts often fell to the face of Athas and huges ranges of land, and all who lived in them, were destroyed in the wake of the [[Angel/Devil wars]].

Both angels and devils seemed to forget about mortal kind. Not that they loathed them, but that mortals were simply bystanders who, at times, got in the way. Casualties of war. Mortalkind had thier chance…and the gods abandoned this realm, many of the angels thought, because of the failure of mortals. Because of what they had wrought upon themselves. Now this blasted land was now thier hell.

However, fate is a fickle bitch, and soon mortals would find themselves valuable to the forces of the heavens once again. Before the angels and devils could destroy each other completely, a new foe entered the game.


The demons of the abyss watched in anticipation as the angels and devils tore themselves to pieces. The devils bathed themselves in the anger and emotions of revolt, defiance, violence and betrayal the angels and devils exuded. And when they had waited long enough, they attacked. They assaulted both the angels and the devils alike. Perhaps, they would have wiped both out completely, except for the chaotic nature of demonkind itself. They could not quite delivere the finshing blow to the forces of the angels, and all sides retreated, for a time, to plot anew.

Now mortals again entered the picture. Mortalkind has a long history of selling thier services and thier souls for power and glory. Great numbers of warlocks arose in the time of the Demon Wars. Demons, unchecked by any real organized power of law, what with the world now befret of it’s patron deities, actively recruited mortals to thier bidding.

Pacts were made, more now then ever in the past. Warlocks of great power grew up from these pacts, leading cults of religous zelots against the angels and devils themselves. Enticing mortals to join them, was not hard for the demons. All the years prior to now, years in which mortals were trying to recover from the catacylsm that destroyed the world, all the years they suffered at the hands of angels and devils during the Angels/Devil wars, all the years of being subject to the uncaring whims of the angels, fallen or not, of being innocent bystanders, unfortunate casualties in a great war, now came back to haunt the short-sighted angels.

And now, angels and devils found themselves trying to make amends to mortals. They found themselves in need of the assitance of mortals as demonkind grew in power. Some were forgiving and joined the forces of angelkind. Some served as equals. Most saw the angels and devils as “new gods” and served out of zealotry. The vast majority of mortals agreed upon one thing, if the angels and devils fell, there would be nothing left to stop the demons from turning thir full attentions to mortals.

During all this time, something else occured among angelkind. Some angels actually left the heavens. Disgusted by what they had become, they became mortals, giving up thier immortality. They are sad beings that lost thier faith since the depatures of thier patrons dieties. They found themsleves lost in the petty squabbling of thier fellow angels as well.

They now walk among us under the guise of humans, trying to mend bridges between mortals and angels or simply doing thier best, in thier own way, to atone for all that befell mortals at irresponsible actions of the Angels/Devil wars. Actions that cost thousands of lives. These beings, referred to as diva are uncommon, but not at all unheard of…and indeed, may be growing in numbers.

Most of mankind however, took advantage of the break in violence and began to rebuild, thus leading to the present day city-states of the region of Tyr. The angels, devils and demons still scheme against each other, and only time will now tell of what role in this conflict mortals will play.

This Blasted Land

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